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In addition to private sponsors: since 2004 support has been received from the following organisations:

  • O2 - It's Your Community fund

  • The Llyn Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty Group-Sustainable Development Fund

  • European Social Fund

  • Environment Wales- Management Grant and Project fund

  • Forestry Commission-new farm woodlands grant

  • Gwynedd Council-Gwynedd Key Capital Fund and Cist Gwynedd - Volunteer Revenue award

  • Intereg Ireland- Wales

  • Mantell Gwynedd- Galluogi Gwynedd Fund

  • The Russel Commission Youth Training Fund

  • Natur Gwynedd-New Habitats Creation Fund

  • Countryside Council For Wales-Enabling Others Grant

  • The Big Lottery Fund-Young peoples Make It Happen fund

  • BBC Breathing Spaces fund

  • Awards For All Wales

  • Cooperative Community Fund

  • Millenium Stadium Charitable Trust

  • Communities First Trust Fund over the past

  • The RSPB Habitat Creation fund

  • The National Probation Services, Criminal Justice Intervention Wales and the Drug Intervention Programme

  • The Rosa ButlerTrust

  • CPRW Campaign for the Preservation of Rural Wales

  • Other Charitable Trusts and Organisations that wish to remain anonymous

  • Keep Wales Tidy

  • The Ernest Cook Trust

  • Cymorth Gwynedd - young peoples volunteering fund

  • BLF Community Wildlife Fund

  • The Dulverton Trust

  • NRW Communities & Nature Fund

  • European Rural Develpoment Fund

  • Heritage Lottery - Llyn Landscape Partnership funding

  • Big Fund - Coastal Communities Fund

  • Vodaphone: Word of Difference grant

  • Grow Wild Fund

  • The Dulverton Trust

volunteers builing the new thatched roun

Your continued support is vital in ensuring that we can deliver a valuable service and community resource to as wide a group of people as possible, thank you.

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