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Project Appeal

The design for CAMAS came from researching the earliest structures in Britain - Neolithic barrows from around 4500 years ago. Massive stones punctuate its thick foundation walls that support the cob-earth walls and undulating living green roof. This the largest modern cob-walled building in Wales has been constructed by local schools and volunteer teams form around the world. Hundreds of tonnes of stone earth and turf were raised to form its curved walls and undulating grass roof. The great oak beams spanning the gallery have been carved with motifs from early Celtic through to Celtic Christian period, spanning around 1000 years. The entrance foyer greets you with three massive whole oak trees carved with Norse Myths designs - as the Vikings left place names along our coast - that reach up and through the roof to stand like stone sentinel meinhirs above the green hill of the roof.


The building will have a spacious, gallery-exhibition space dedicated to interpreting the ancient stories of the peninsula and its people, two spacious craft studios, a catering area and foyer - display space. The sheltered central courtyard will have a circular garden seating area leading on to the twelve sided Astronomical Observatory.


We are currently fundraising to complete the building through the laying of a beautiful stone floor, plumbing, electrics and Eco-heating system and exhibition fixtures and fittings . You are welcome to visit and watch the building process and come in and discuss the work with the staff and trainees. Like the adjacent CLAS building: this space already has a big wow-factor - so you can just imagine what its going to be like when it opens with its first exhibition.

Please support
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Through donating your support you will be enabling the final completion of these superb Heritage Visitor and Skills & Training facilities