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Ferm Y Felin

Community Garden

Our farm sits on a two acre site with a productive garden, two big polytunnels and a herb garden.
Every Tuesday we host volunteer days where different members of the community come by and help out in the garden where we provide a shared space for people to cultivate skills, get exercise and make friends.
We're always looking for extra helpers so please get in touch!


Freshly Harvested VegBox Scheme and Veg Stand

In response to a growing community need, with the purpose to increase access to fresh, local, healthy food, last summer we expanded our VegBox Scheme and provided a Veg stand on site. The Veg stand is not operational over the winter period and our VegBox scheme will re-start in June 2023 - find out more about our veg box scheme here

Is our veg Organic? We support the principles of the Soil Association's Organic Certification scheme and use them as a basis for our growing techniques. We do not use chemical inputs and seek to work with nature, not against it to achieve sustainable levels of production. However, we do not hold certified Organic status, with the decision that the costs involved are too high for the farm at this time. We operate a transparency policy, welcoming customers to the farm to learn about our growing techniques.


Two methods we practice in our garden are No-Dig and Biodynamics

Why No-Dig? No-dig involves only ever feeding the soil from above, with minimum disturbance to all the life of the soil. Therefore not disturbing all the little micro-organisms or destroying the soil structure, often described as an 'internet system of busy bees'. The idea is that we're building more and more biology in the soil, keeping it rich and fertile. An added bonus is that it's a lot less labour intensive - meaning we get a lot more time to look after our veg, making sure we get a full productive crop! 

Why Biodynamics? Biodynamic gardening is rooted in organic principles but seeks to enliven plants by drawing on the cosmos (planting by the moon is one part of it, but then there are other planets and their influences too). It is about increasing the potential of a plant through enhanced compost and special preparations. Plants are harvested or sown at optimum times within the planting calendar.  Biodynamics encourages a 'mindful' holistic approach to gardening, enriching both the garden and our gardeners. It invites the gardener on a journey of discovery, values intuition as well as science, and fosters a special sense of wellbeing. This approach strongly resonates with the projects ethos.

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