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Nurture Creativity Celebrate Diversity

Inspiring ways to live in harmony with each other and the environment


The Craft Shop is open and we're welcoming volunteers to the garden on Tuesdays 10 -1 (Please get in touch beforehand).

Enjoy a walk around the Woodland Paths, explore the gardens and take a picnic for outside the Big Storytelling Roundhouse! 


Roundhouse Storytellings Sunday 25th June @ 7.30pm

£10 adults £5 children, refreshments available

Looking forward to welcoming you to the fireside !

Please spread the word !

Chwedlau yn y Ty Crwn nos Sul y 25ed o Fehefin am 7.30yh, £10 oedolion, £5 plant, lluniaeth ysgafn at Gael yn ystod yr egwyl.

Edrych 'mlaen eich croesawu acw !

Raising money to open up the NEW garden Cafe and workshop space onsite! 

Every little helps! Be a part of completing this wonderful hub

Find out more here.


A Cultural & Eco-Centre

The centre is open all year round for visitors and has a network of nature paths to gardens and woodcraft workshop. We close the volunteering and training programmes in September and recommence in May, so there is usually just the main thatched workshop operating and open during the weekdays over the winter. During the summer months - and occasionally during the quieter winter months - we host a regular programme of Storytelling and Music Events in our Celtic Roundhouse.

The centre is in 18th year of development with many of the buildings projects on site still underway. This gives visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the process and engage with the teams of trainees and volunteers doing the construction.

Visitors may combine their visit with a stay in one of our beautiful thatched roundhouses or meadow cabin.

We are currently fundraising to complete a new Organic Garden Cafe, Workspace Hub and Farm Shop.

Planting Trees

Craft Shop

We sell exquisitely made crafts - from traditionally inspired Welsh furniture made of local timber to beautiful willow baskets and garden decorations, richly textured weavings and beeswax candles crafted from local and natural materials. These are available at the Farm Shop at the centre. You can also view some of the items online here on the Shop page.

Short Courses and Workshops 

We host regular basketry and weaving workshops at the centre. If you're interested in running a workshop, please get in touch

Volunteer in the Garden

Every Tuesday 10am - 1pm

Our volunteer days offer members of the local community the opportunity to get their hands dirty in the garden, as well as providing a space to come and socialise and have fun! We have a two acre productive garden, two polytunnels and a herb garden. We're always looking for more help and encourage you to pay us a visit or get in touch for more information.


Realising Potential

Being in a hands-on, can-do, cooperative work environment, using beautiful natural materials, enhances our well-being, it gives us a sense of community with others and with our surroundings.

Over the years, participants have gained an impressive portfolio of experiences in a broad range of skills. Our holistic approach to craft learning is widely recognised by practitioners in the heritage industry and in national programmes, such as, the Prince's Foundation and many centres of higher education. Our students and volunteers find that their experiences at Felin Uchaf provide a valuable springboard to the next step in their lives; many have gone on to become engineers, architects, designers, ecologists or to work within conservation and heritage organisations such as the National Trust, Wildlife Trusts and the National Parks. Our young people have received prestigious awards for their volunteering achievements such as Wales's Young Volunteer of the Year Award and have gained scholarships for further study at specialist craft skills centres both here in the UK and Scandinavia.

Former trainees and volunteers keep a close connection with the centre for many years after they have completed their internship. It is a place which has fostered deep friendships and a close alumni fellowship that now extends to over 30 different countries across the world.

“I have had one of the best experiences of my life and I don't say that lightly. I decided to volunteer with you to use my creative skills in a different way. I wanted to get in touch with the land, the ground, and work my body hard, learning new skills to create something with others.  I also wanted to have some mental space and time to reflect on where I am in my life.  Felin Uchaf gave me all of this and more than I could have expected. I feel this experience supported me to make some changes in my life that mean I can grow and move forward, happier”


Please show your support

Our Registered Charity depends upon your goodwill and support to enable us to provide these life changing opportunities and to develop our public facilities.

Menter Y Felin Uchaf Cyf is registered in England & Wales as a Company Limited by Guarantee and a Registered Charity. Reg. No. 1120510.

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'The gift is to the giver and comes back most to them'

Walt Whitman

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