As a precautionary measure :

the Felin Uchaf Centre is now closed to the public

until further notice 


We host regular evening events in the Celtic Roundhouse with storytellers and musicians coming from all over Europe and the UK, This magnificent subterranean performance and meeting space was built by schoolchildren and volunteers in 2008. There is a cauldron fire in the centre and there are fixed, cushioned, seating benches around the ring to accommodate around 60 people , though during the busiest months we welcome up to 100 people, using portable benches. There's a half time break for most events and the opportunity to stretch your legs, share a conversation, talk with the performers and enjoy delicious home made refreshments.

Posters will indicate the age suitability for some performances

PLEASE NOTE: If youre coming to the centre for the first time - wait until you come INTO the village of RHOSHIRWAUN and see the brown and white Felin Uchaf Centre signs before turning off the main B4413 road. GPS systems can take you on a more circuitous route !

storytelling night
Roundhouse interior Felin Uchaf

Coming up next ...

2020 Storytelling and Music Events in the Roundhouse 

our main programme will kick off at Easter

Storytelling Woodland trust Tree Tales

Tales from the Mabinogi and The Battle of the Trees, from the mediaeval Book of Taliesin
Saturday 15th February 7.30 – 9.30pm as part of the Woodland Trust Coed Felenrhyd & Llenyrch afternoon Event at Canolfan Prysor Centre, Trawsfynydd LL41 4DT, see attached poster for details

Chwedlau or Mabinogi a Llyfr Taliesin , 15fed o Chwefor am 7.30-9.30 yh yng Nghanolfan Prysor, Trawsfynydd, LL41 4DT. Gweler y poster atodol am fanylion


2019 Shows


This Summer Storytelling & Music Events Programme has now ended .

Thanks to all of you who supported us and joined us for another fabulously rich and varied programme of 32  storynights this year !

There will be occasional events over the winter - such as at Halloween, Christmas & the New Year so please keep an eye out for updates or follow us on Facebook at

Looking forward to welcoming you to the fireside for more !

Raccontamiunastoria with David Ambrose storytelling on the Llyn Peninsula summer 2019
Roundhouse Storytelling

Midwinter Storytelling & Music in the Roundhouse

Saturday 21st December 5.00 - 6.30pm, £8 at the door includes hot mulled wine and mince pies

Straeon Heuldro’r Gaeaf yn y Ty Crwn Mawr Nos Sadwrn y 21ain o Ragfyr rhwng 5.00 - 6.30yh £8 ar y drws I gynwys lluniaeth ysgafn

Roundhouse Storytelling - Straeon yn y Ty Crwn BEOWULF 30th October 2019
a full programme of international storytelling events at the Roundhouse and other Llyn Peninsula venues this summer
Roundhouse Storytellers Summer 2019
Musikteater Unna from Sweden
David Ambrose from Wales and Musikteater Unna from Sweden
Musikteater Unna from Sweden
Musikteater Unna from Sweden

Previous Shows this Year .....

Dafydd Davies-Hughes shares Russian Tales in the Roundhouse
Arabian Tales with storyteller Dafydd Davies-Hughes
Arabian Nights with storyteller Dafydd Davies-Hughes
Roundhouse Storytelling Thursday 22nd August - Arabian Nights - come sit beneath desert palms under bright, starry skies for a whispering wind of ancient Arabian Tales @ 7.30pm , spellbinding stories for all ages , refreshments available during the interval. Ymunwch a ni ar 22ain o Awst am 7.30yh am noson o chwedlau o Arabia , addas i deluoedd, lluniaeth ysgfafn ar gael yn ystod yr egwyl
Angharad Wynne with Talisman - tales of magic from Wales
with storyteller Dafydd Davies-Hughes
Roundhouse Storytelling - Straeon yn y Ty Crwn -Food Stories - In Vino Fabula ! -8th August 2019 -
Storytelling Amphitheater Plas Glyn Y Wewddw Chwedleua Metamorphosis
Roundhouse Storytelling - Straeon yn y Ty Crwn -Food Stories - Pirate Stories - 11th August 2019
Storytelling at St Hywyn's Church 12th August
Roundhouse Storytelling - Straeon yn y Ty Crwn - Celtic Folk Tales -4th August 2019
Gripping Tall Tales Under Sail
Dafydd Davies-Hughes -Storyteller
Dafydd will be sharing folktales in the roundhouse
Raccontamiunastoria from Italy will be performing at Felin Uchaf 6-12 August 2019
Roads and Roots Perfomers

AUGUST 8,10,11 & 12th 2019

Storytellers from Italy...


from Raccontamiunastoria Storytelling Company - Tell me a story !

Professional actress and storyteller with 20 years of experience, Paola is the most famous Storytelling artist in Italy and one of the most praised and renowned in the whole of Europe since 2003. She is artistic director of Raccontamiunastoria Storytelling Company, the leading storytelling Company in Italy and of the International Stortyelling Festival of Rome. She travels regularly all over the world with her storytelling performances both for adults and children and is considered one the best workshop leader and storytelling trainer of the world of the International Storytelling Revival.


Actor, storyteller and musician

Paola's business and stage partner, Davide is a very talented Italian actor and Storyteller. He is the co-artistic director of Raccontamiunastoria. Alongside with being a performer in his own right, Davide is also a musician. He plays guitar, harmonica and several percussions. He accompany his storytelling and other tellers with improvised original live music. He has travelled all over the world with his repertoire of musical stories. Davide has a warm, deep, extremely well trained vice, that made of him also a praised voice over artist in the film and tv industry in Italy. Davide and Paola are famous in the international storytelling scene for telling in tandem the same story under the female and the male point of view.

8th, 30th 31st August : David Ambrose

David has been at the forefront of the storytelling revival in Wales for the past 25 years, as a promoter, a performer, and as Artistic Director of Beyond The Border Wales International Storytelling Festival .

David Ambrose Storyteller sharing the evening's tales with Dafydd Davies-Hughes at Felin uchaf Roundhouse


Storytellers from Sweden performing 4 different shows between the 29th August - 1st September 2019


Musikteater Unna produces stage shows with storytelling and live music. Storyteller Johan Theodorsson and musician Anders Peev formed Musikteater Unna in order to inspire young people to change the world into a better place. Maria Johansdotter is the duo's second production. Their first storytelling show was the eco adventure The heart of the forest. Johan Theodorsson is a dramatic and sensitive storyteller with performances for both children and adults. His material ranges from historical events, folk tales and his own life. He also works with training of educational staff on how to use storytelling as a pedagogic tool in school.

Read more on his website:

Anders Peev is a musician, composer and sound engineer. His instruments are the keyed fiddle and electric guitar. Anders plays with folk music duo Anda and also with musicians like Hakan Vreskala, Maja Heurling and Nina Nordvall Vahlberg. He also writes film music.

Read more on Anders website:


Dreaming the Night Field - Breuddwydio Cae'r Nos

Dreaming The Night Field 

Saturday 27th July @ 7.30pm

10.00 / 8.00 concessions , payable at the door , light refreshments during the break, story CDs available


                  Adverse Camber Productions presents a Story from Wales's mythological, magical past :
                                                                       The Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi 

Immerse yourself in glorious living landscapes and the brilliant night sky to discover a world that’s bristling with life, filled with animals, people and constellations caught between creation and destruction.

Gwydion, nephew to the King, a magician and master storyteller, provokes a war between North and South Wales and unleashes a chaos of consequences. Blodeuwedd, an intoxicatingly beautiful woman conjured from flowers, is torn between desire and duty, with fateful results.

Honour, justice, magic and transformation collide in a story as relevant today as it ever was, where people seek to spin, manipulate and control, and nature reveals its deep power.

By turns, thrilling, funny, powerful and poetic, this spellbinding new performance vividly evokes the ancient Celtic legend of the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogion.

Brought to you by Adverse Camber productions and the creative team behind the much loved Hunting the Giant’s Daughter, Dreaming the Night Field features one of Wales’ most engaging storytellers alongside exquisitely haunting live music. English and Welsh are artfully woven together to make these ancient voices and living landscapes come alive in an exhilarating performance.

This performance contains themes of an adult nature which some may find upsetting, if you would like to know more, please do get in touch with us. Recommended for ages 12+

Click the link below for a Youtube short video of further background for the story and show




Gifts of The Wild -Roundhouse Storytelling - Chwedleua yn Y Ty Crwn 25 07 2019
The Norse Myths
Roundhouse Storytelling Tristan and Isolde
Deb Winter
Ailsa Mair Hughes
Storytelling with Dafydd Davies-Hughes
The Youngest Daughter & Other Tales - Storytelling with Dafydd Davies-Hughes
Roundhouse Storytelling Straeon yn y Ty Crwn 5th,19th,26th & 30 May 2019
Daniel Morden will be sharing stories here 
 aat Felin Uchaf's Roundhouse on the 19th May @7.30pm
Daniel Morden Storyteller

He's back ! 

Daniel Morden

For one night only ...

The terrifyingly talented master of stories is back in the roundhouse for a whirlwind of unearthy delights

Come early if you'd like a good seat - its likely to be a packed house for this heartily awaited return


A Twist In The Tale & The Kings Ransom - Family storytelling with Dafydd Davies-Hughes



a selection of shows

from 2018

Roundhouse Storytelling

Candlelit Midwinter Storytelling & Music from Mouton at the Roundhouse

@5.00pm Saturday 22nd December 2018 , family friendly & with refreshments available £5

Chwedlau a Cherddoriath a Chanu Plygain yn y Ty Crwn 

5.00yh Dydd Sadwrn 22ain I Ragfyr 2018

Mouton are a brilliantly talented folk band from North Wales who play mainly French and Scandinavian music to dance to. For solstice we'll be playing some beautiful tunes, carols and Plygain which you're welcome to join in with.

Advent in the Felin Uchaf Roundhouse

Advent Celebration in the Roundhouse

Sunday 2nd December 2018 @ 4.00pm - 5.30pm

Candlelit stories, songs and mince pies !

free event, bring warm clothes

David Ambrose and Dafydd Davies-Hughes share a night's Halloween tales with you
David Ambrose Storyteller sharing the evening's tales with Dafydd Davies-Hughes at Felin uchaf Roundhouse
Cath Little Storyteller

Unmissable Roundhouse Storytelling !! - Saturday 15th September 2018 - Castle Arianrhod - by master storyteller Cath Little -

A brilliant and moving re-imagining of the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogion, the story of a queen, an enchantress and a woman of flowers

15th September @7.30pm £5 at the door, refreshments available during the break

Chwedleua yn y Ty Crwn - nos Sadwrn , 15fed o Fedi- Castell Arianrhod - addasiad gwreiddiol gan storiwraig Cath Little o Gardydd - cyfansoddiad cyffroes o chwedl Blodeuwedd or Mabinogi - @7.30 yh £5 ar y drws, lluniaeth ysgaf ar gael yn ystod yr egwyl

Cath Little is a storyteller and singer drawing inspiration from her Irish and English heritage and from her Welsh home land.
She tells tales and sings songs for the Turning Year in celebration of our Earth and its seasons.

Cath has a rich sense of the magic of stories and of their ability to connect us to one another, leading us gently to a clearer sense of ourselves and our place in the world.She has performed at Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival, Glastonbury Festival, Festival at the Edge and The BBC Proms Folk Day and regularly tells stories at The National Museum for Wales.

" Filled with grace and passion.
Varied, expressive & heart-warming ”

The Bold Maid - Roundhouse Storytelling - Chwedleua yn y Ty Crwn 30 Aug 2018

Roundhouse Storytelling - Thursday 30th August 2018 - The Bold Maid - with Dafydd Davies-Hughes @ 7.30 - 9.00pm, £5/£3 at the door , light refreshments availble during the break

Cwedleua yn y Ty Crwn - Nos Iau - 30fed Awst 2018 gyda Dafydd Davies-Hughes am 7.30 - 9,00yh, £5/£3 ar y drws, lluniaeth ysgafn ar gael yn ystod yr egwyl

Folktales of bold deeds and brave hearts to delight all ages

Chedlau gwerin am ferched dewr i ddifyru pob oed— at Menter Y Felin Uchaf.

Dafydd Davies-Hughes
Greek Myths 26 August 2018

Roundhouse Storytelling - Sunday 26th August 2018 - Greek Myths - double bill : The Iliad @ 5.00 - 6.30 pm followed by The Odyssey @7.30-9.30 pm, refreshments available during the intervals, £5/£3 at the door for each performance. Join us for one or for both & bring a picnic and immerse yourselves in an ancient Greek evening !

Chwedleua yn y Ty Crwn - Nos Sul 26ain Awst 2018 - Chwedlau Groegaidd - Yr Iliad rhwng 5.00-6.30 yh ar Odyssey rhwng 7.30 - 9.30yh, £5.£3 ar y drws ar gyfer pob perfformiad , lluniaeth ysgafn ar gael yn ystod pob egwyl.

Two of the classic Greek epics in one spellbinding marathon retelling. The Iliad tells of the siege of Troy and the Odyssey of the homecoming voyage and adventures of one of the victorious Greek kings . Immerse yourselves in an ancient evening this August weekend !

Tales from The Northern Lights Roundhouse Storytelling - Chwedleua yn y Ty Crwn 23 Aug 2018

Heroes and heroines of the frozen lands spark to life in a spellbinding retelling of one of the oldest stories of the far north

August Roundhouse Storytellings - Chwedleua ym Mis Awst 2018
Helen East -Roundhouse Storytelling - Chwedleua yn y Ty Crwn 19 Aug 2018
Rick and Helen

                                     Of Sea and Shore and the Worlds In-between

Tales of the meeting and mingling of air and water beings, wound in and out by music and song.

Storyteller Helen East* shares sea stories from friends all over the world – Africa to Australia, Indonesia to Iceland, but particularly our own west coastland, from Wales to Scotland and on to Orkney and Shetland.

These are traditional stories, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, but all suitable for any age able to listen.

Special thanks for the seal and sea creature tales passed on “mouth to mouth” by the Scottish Traveller People, above all from Duncan Williamson.

Musician Rick Wilson** underpins the words with music of all kinds, melodic and rhythmic, on a range of extraordinary instruments gathered, or created on his travels. One moment the audience is held in concentrated stillness, the next they are caught up in a wild rhythm.


of Helen East : ” a leading light in the story telling revival” Scottish Storytelling Centre

of Rick Wilson : “His music making is always strong, singular and sympathetic”

Selkie Tales in the Felin Uchaf Roundhouse August 2018
Beowulf 12th August 2018

Roundhouse Storytelling Sunday 12th August  2018 - Beowulf Dragonslayer - for adults and children over 7 yrs - starts @7.30pm £5/£3 , light refreshments available during the break

Chwedleua yn y Ty Crwn , Nos Sul y 12fed Awst 2018 - Chwedl Beowulf - addas i oedolion ac i blant dros 7 mlwydd oed. cychwyn am 7.30yh £5/£3 , lluniaeth ysgafn ar gael yn ystod yr egwyl

Beowulf great hero of the north journeys to Denmark to rid the kingdom of a terrible curse..
A wild adventure that will take us through golden halls, dark mires, serpent swarming seas to a dragon's treasure hoard

A spellbinding retelling of one of the greatest and oldest epics in the Anglo-Saxon language

fireside folktales in the roundhouse at Felin Uchaf with Dafydd Davies-Hughes

Thursday 9th August 2018

" The Trickster "

a storytellng for adults and over 12s by Dominic Kelly 

Dominic Kelly storyteller
Dominic Kelly - Trickster - 9th August 2018

Thursday 9th August 2018 - Roundhouse Storytelling with master storyteller Dominic Kelly

The Trickster - a story for adults and children over 12 yrs of age
starts @ 7.30pm £5 at the door

PLEASE SHARE ! diolch -thanks !

“Compelling, funny and heartbreaking” - The Times

A red haired boy walks out of school for the last time. His classmates, teachers, and the local doctor have already fallen foul of his trickery. Ahead of him are fun, fortune and a hundred more serious ruses to try. Little does he know he’ll soon be hunted as the most wanted man in the country.

Delightful and dangerous, hungry for life and never to be trusted: meet charlatan and shapeshifter, meet John Henry Williams.
Hero or thief, soldier or captain, pit boy or rich man – he’s all of them and none. With his eye on the main chance, a bag of disguises and always a trick up his sleeve, he’ll take you on a rattling trip from pithead, parade ground and mountain hideout to a climax on the lonely roads of Cumberland.

With deviously disguised global trickster tales and real-life story, Dominic Kelly embarks on an audacious tale of trickery and deceit; a tale where truth and hearsay, history, folktale and myth flicker like shadows in sunshine. Come journey on a trickster’s side of the road…

The piece is an hour long, for adults and children over 12.

• “An extraordinary piece of work” “You’ve created a new genre of storytelling” Audience feedback from The Storey, Lancaster

• “Wickedly Wonderful” Scandalnight, Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate

• “All the feedback from the show has been absolutely glowing. Everybody who was there has said it was amazing” Litfest, Lancaster

Gone Cuckoo - Roundhouse Storytelling - Chwedleua yn y Ty Crwn 15 08 2018

Gone Cuckoo The compelling tale of a bird’s journey, its song, its myths and its decline Told by Malcolm Green with Joshua Green (musician)

It’s shortly after dawn at RAF Fylingdales and a cuckoo is having a transmitter strapped to his back. A few weeks later he will have flown thousands of miles across Europe and over the Sahara Desert to equatorial Africa. For millennia, the cuckoo’s call has inspired songs, stories and poems. Does he bring the spring? Tell our fortunes? Was he the shapeshifter that became a hawk? He certainly fools the reed warblers who feed him as a changeling baby. Now the voice of the cuckoo is fading – where has it gone?

‘Musicianship and environmental performance-art meet history and myth…an engaging & beautifully constructed tour de force’. Dave Pritchard (Chair, UK Arts & Environment Network, and consultant to the Convention on Migratory Species)

‘The performance was precise and compelling … such an exciting, multi-layered adventure.’ Linda France (award-winning poet)

‘Gone Cuckoo was inspiring and moving… it will fill audiences of all ages with wonder and delight.’ Prof. Nick Davies (author of ‘Cuckoo, Cheating by Nature’)

Daniel Morden -Roundhouse Storytelling - Chwedleua yn y Ty Crwn 14 07 2018
May-June Storytelling in the Roundhouse
Blodeuwedd Storytelling May 6th 2018

Blodeuwedd - an ancient tale from the Welsh Mabinogi - 2018

Family Roundhouse Storytelling this Sunday evening @7.30pm Blodeuwedd - Fireside Tales from Celtic Mythology £5 at the door, Refreshments available

Chwedlau yn y Ty Crwn - Blodeuwedd - Straeon or Mabinogi am 7.30yh, £5 ar y drws , lluniaeth ysgafn ar gael

An ancient Welsh tale of a Woman made of Flowers , of wariors turned into deer, into boars, into wolves, of love and betrayal and the banishment of an owl....see you there !

Three Legged Mare & Cynefin in concert 19th May 2018

Cerddoriaeth draddodiadol gyda naws gwahanol o Gymru a thu hwnt

Traditional music with a difference from Wales and beyond

Cynefin is the musical brainchild of Clettwr valley native Owen Shiers and is a journey to discover the musical landscape and contours of Ceredigion and West Wales.

The Roundhouse Felin Uchaf    Starts @ 7.30pm     £5 at the door

Three Legg’d Mare
Roundhouse Poetry Evening - Cerddi yn y Ty Crwn 20 05 2018
Roundhouse Storytelling - Chwedleua yn y Ty Crwn 31st May & 3rd June

Previous Roundhouse Events